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Bulk Hemp

Gummy Manufacturing

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Pectin Based


All of our gummies are pectin based to ensure your customer's won't have to deal with any melting issues in transit. Being pectin based also allows us to have Vegan  capabilities. 


Made In The USA


All of our ingredients are sourced from USA based companies with strict quality control measures. All of these ingredients are then blended into finished products in our facility in Plantaiton, Florida. 

Infused For Consistent Potency

All of our gummies are infused with active ingredients for consistent potency and purity. We do not believe in cutting corners, so we never spray or dip our gummies in active ingredients. 

Third Party


Every product that is produced in our facility is sent off for third party testing for both purity and potency. This allows us to stand behind each batch that is produced in our facility. 



We are the direct manufacturer, this allows us to have very competitive pricing and flexibility when it comes to MOQ's and custom production runs. 

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Bulk Private Label
Hemp Gummies

We Manufacture Only The Best Priced Private and White Label Hemp Gummies

We know that everyone in this industry acts like they are the real manufacturer. At Ajax Creations, we really are. Based out of Plantation, Florida, we make sure to manufacturer our private label hemp gummies with some of the highest oversight and quality control.

With a brand new facility with brand new gummy machinery, we make sure your private label gummies are made right. Unlike many other supplement gummy manufacturers, we stand by our product 100% and will do any necessary recourse in the case something is exactly how you want it.

We are well aware that many of our competitors will say whatever they must to get you to go with them, only to realize they have completely over promised and unfortunately under delivered. These situations are ever so common in the hemp and nutraceutical industry and we will do whatever we can to work in the opposite spirit and create a long lasting professional relationship with you and your team.

Take Your Hemp Gummy Business To The Next level

Did you know that according to Market Research Future the Hemp market is expected to grow to 71.2 Billion by 2032? We want to help you be a part of this exponential growth that is occurring in the Hemp marketplace. 

At Ajax Creations we are the direct manufacturer and have over 20 years of combined expertise in the gummy supplement market. We strictly manufacturer pectin based gummies that are not only effective but healthier than other alternatives on the market. 

So if you are looking for effective and clean Hemp gummies in bulk quantities, please fill out the short form below. 

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